Contributing to Abilian Core

Project on GitHub

The project is hosted on GitHub at:

Participation in the development of Abilian is welcome and encouraged, through the various mechanisms provided by GitHub:

Build Status

We give a great deal of care to the quality of our software, and try to use all the tools that are at our disposal to make it rock-solid.

This includes:

  • Having an exhaustive test suite.
  • Using continuous integration (CI) servers to run the test suite on every commit.
  • Running tests.
  • Using our products daily.

You can check the build status:

You can also check the coverage reports:


We’re now using setuptools_scm to manage version numbers.

It comes with some conventions on its own when it comes to releasing.

Here’s what you should do to make a new release on PyPI:

  1. Check that the CHANGES.rst file is correct.
  2. Commit.
  3. Tag (ex: git tag 0.3.0), using numbers that are consistent with semantic versionning.
  4. Run python sdist upload.