Source code for abilian.web.tags.criterion

import sqlalchemy as sa

from abilian.core.models.tag import Tag, entity_tag_tbl
from abilian.i18n import _

from import BaseCriterion
from .extension import ENTITY_DEFAULT_NS_ATTR

[docs]class TagCriterion(BaseCriterion): """Filter entities with selected tag(s).""" form_default_value = "" def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs): if len(args) == 0: kwargs.setdefault("name", "tags") if len(args) < 2: kwargs.setdefault("label", _("Tags")) super().__init__(*args, **kwargs) @BaseCriterion.model.setter def model(self, model): BaseCriterion.model.fset(self, model) self.ns = getattr(model, ENTITY_DEFAULT_NS_ATTR) @property def valid_tags(self): join_clause = entity_tag_tbl.join( self.model, == entity_tag_tbl.c.entity_id ) model_tags =[entity_tag_tbl.c.tag_id], from_obj=join_clause) return Tag.query.filter(Tag.ns == self.ns,
[docs] def get_request_values(self, request): tag_ids = [] for val in request.values.getlist( try: tag_ids.append(int(val)) except ValueError: pass valid_tags = set(self.valid_tags) tags = [] for tid in tag_ids: t = Tag.query.get(tid) if t in valid_tags: tags.append(t) return tags
[docs] def filter(self, query, module, request, searched_text, *args, **kwargs): tags = self.get_request_values(request) if not tags: return query cond = sa.sql.exists( [1], sa.sql.and_( entity_tag_tbl.c.entity_id ==, entity_tag_tbl.c.tag_id.in_( for t in tags), ), ) ) return query.filter(cond)
@property def form_filter_type(self): return "select" @property def form_unset_value(self): return [] @property def form_filter_args(self): # expected value: [list of selectable items, is multiple?] return [[(str(, t.label) for t in self.valid_tags], True]