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import logging
from functools import wraps
from typing import TYPE_CHECKING, Any, Callable, Optional

from flask import current_app

from abilian.core.util import fqcn

    from import Application

[docs]class ServiceNotRegistered(Exception): pass
[docs]class ServiceState: """Service state stored in Application.extensions.""" #: reference to :class:`Service` instance service: "Service" running = False def __init__(self, service: "Service", running: bool = False) -> None: self.service = service self.running = running self.logger = logging.getLogger(fqcn(self.__class__))
[docs]class Service: """Base class for services.""" #: State class to use for this Service AppStateClass = ServiceState #: service name in Application.extensions / name = "" def __init__(self, app: Optional[Any] = None) -> None: if is None: msg = f"Service must have a name ({fqcn(self.__class__)})" raise ValueError(msg) self.logger = logging.getLogger(fqcn(self.__class__)) if app: self.init_app(app)
[docs] def init_app(self, app: "Application") -> None: app.extensions[] = self.AppStateClass(self)[] = self
[docs] def start(self, ignore_state: bool = False) -> None: """Starts the service.""" self.logger.debug("Start service") self._toggle_running(True, ignore_state)
[docs] def stop(self, ignore_state: bool = False) -> None: """Stops the service.""" self.logger.debug("Stop service") self._toggle_running(False, ignore_state)
def _toggle_running(self, run_state: bool, ignore_state: bool = False) -> None: state = self.app_state run_state = bool(run_state) if not ignore_state: assert run_state ^ state.running state.running = run_state @property def app_state(self) -> Any: """Current service state in current application. :raise:RuntimeError if working outside application context. """ try: return current_app.extensions[] except KeyError: raise ServiceNotRegistered( @property def running(self) -> bool: """ :returns: `False` if working outside application context, if service is not registered on current application, or if service is halted for current application. """ try: return self.app_state.running except (RuntimeError, ServiceNotRegistered): # RuntimeError: happens when current_app is None: working outside # application context return False
[docs] @staticmethod def if_running(meth: Callable) -> Callable: """Decorator for service methods that must be ran only if service is in running state.""" @wraps(meth) def check_running(self: Any, *args: Any, **kwargs: Any) -> Optional[Any]: if not self.running: return return meth(self, *args, **kwargs) return check_running