Source code for abilian.core.models.comment

import abc
from typing import Any

from flask_sqlalchemy import BaseQuery
from sqlalchemy import CheckConstraint, Column, ForeignKey, Integer, \
from sqlalchemy.ext.declarative import declared_attr
from sqlalchemy.orm import backref, relationship

from abilian.core.entities import Entity
from import CREATE, DELETE, WRITE, Anonymous, Owner

#: name of backref on target :class:`Entity` object
ATTRIBUTE = "__comments__"

[docs]class Commentable(metaclass=abc.ABCMeta): pass
[docs]def register(cls: type) -> type: """Register an :class:`Entity` as a commentable class. Can be used as a class decorator: .. code-block:: python @comment.register class MyContent(Entity): ... """ if not issubclass(cls, Entity): raise ValueError("Class must be a subclass of abilian.core.entities.Entity") Commentable.register(cls) return cls
[docs]def is_commentable(obj_or_class: Any) -> bool: """ :param obj_or_class: a class or instance """ if isinstance(obj_or_class, type): return issubclass(obj_or_class, Commentable) if not isinstance(obj_or_class, Commentable): return False # pyre-fixme[16]: `Commentable` has no attribute `id`. if is None: return False return True
[docs]def for_entity(obj, check_commentable=False): """Return comments on an entity.""" if check_commentable and not is_commentable(obj): return [] return getattr(obj, ATTRIBUTE)
[docs]class Comment(Entity): """A Comment related to an :class:`Entity`.""" __default_permissions__ = {WRITE: {Owner}, DELETE: {Owner}, CREATE: {Anonymous}} @declared_attr def __mapper_args__(cls): # we cannot use super(Comment, cls): declared_attr happens during class # construction. super(cls, cls) could work; as long as `cls` is not a # subclass of `Comment`: it would enter into an infinite loop. # # Entity.__mapper_args__ calls the descriptor with 'Entity', not `cls`. args = Entity.__dict__["__mapper_args__"].fget(cls) args["order_by"] = cls.created_at return args entity_id = Column(Integer, ForeignKey(, nullable=False) #: Commented entity entity = relationship( Entity, lazy="immediate", foreign_keys=[entity_id], backref=backref( ATTRIBUTE, lazy="select", order_by="Comment.created_at", cascade="all, delete-orphan", ), ) #: comment's main content body = Column(UnicodeText(), CheckConstraint("trim(body) != ''"), nullable=False) query: BaseQuery @property def history(self): return self.meta.get("abilian.core.models.comment", {}).get("history", []) def __repr__(self): class_ = self.__class__ mod_ = class_.__module__ classname = class_.__name__ return "<{}.{} instance at 0x{:x} entity id={!r}".format( mod_, classname, id(self), self.entity_id )