Source code for abilian.core.models.base

from datetime import datetime
from typing import Any

from flask_sqlalchemy import BaseQuery
from sqlalchemy.schema import Column
from sqlalchemy.types import DateTime, Integer
from whoosh.fields import ID

from abilian.core.extensions import db
from abilian.core.util import fqcn

#: Base Model class.
[docs]class Model(db.Model): __abstract__ = True query: BaseQuery
[docs]class Info(dict): def __init__(self, **kw: Any) -> None: for k, v in kw.items(): self[k] = v
[docs] def copy(self) -> "Info": # dict.copy would return an instance of dict # pyre-fixme[32]: Keyword argument must be a mapping with string keys. return self.__class__(**self)
def __add__(self, other: "Info") -> "Info": d = self.copy() d.update(other) return d __or__ = __add__
EDITABLE = Info(editable=True) NOT_EDITABLE = Info(editable=False) AUDITABLE = Info(auditable=True) AUDITABLE_HIDDEN = Info(auditable=True, audit_hide_content=True) NOT_AUDITABLE = Info(auditable=False) SEARCHABLE = Info(searchable=True) NOT_SEARCHABLE = Info(searchable=False) EXPORTABLE = Info(exportable=True) NOT_EXPORTABLE = Info(exportable=False) #: SYSTEM properties are properties defined by the system #: and not supposed to be changed manually. SYSTEM = Info(editable=False, auditable=False)
[docs]class IdMixin: id = Column(Integer, primary_key=True, info=SYSTEM | SEARCHABLE)
[docs]class Indexable: """Mixin with sensible defaults for indexable objects.""" __indexable__ = True __index_to__ = ( ("object_key", (("object_key", ID(stored=True, unique=True)),)), ("object_type", (("object_type", ID(stored=True)),)), ) @classmethod def _object_type(cls) -> str: return fqcn(cls) @property def object_type(self) -> str: return self._object_type() @property def object_key(self) -> str: # pyre-fixme[16]: `Indexable` has no attribute `id`. return f"{self.object_type}:{}"
[docs]class TimestampedMixin: #: creation date created_at = Column(DateTime, default=datetime.utcnow, info=SYSTEM | SEARCHABLE) #: last modification date updated_at = Column( DateTime, default=datetime.utcnow, onupdate=datetime.utcnow, info=SYSTEM | SEARCHABLE, ) deleted_at = Column(DateTime, default=None, info=SYSTEM)