Package abilian

Module abilian.app

Module abilian.i18n

Package abilian.plugin

Starting work on a plugin system. This will probably be refactored heavily in the future.

Package abilian.core

Module abilian.core.commands

Module abilian.core.entities

Module abilian.core.extensions

Module abilian.core.signals

All signals used by Abilian Core.

Signals are the main tools used for decoupling applications components by sending notifications. In short, signals allow certain senders to notify subscribers that something happened.

Cf. http://flask.pocoo.org/docs/signals/ for detailed documentation.

The main signal is currently activity.

activity = <blinker.base.NamedSignal object at 0x7f028f88a190; 'activity'>

This signal is used by the activity streams service and its clients.

components_registered = <blinker.base.NamedSignal object at 0x7f028f88a150; 'app:components:registered'>

Triggered at application initialization when all extensions and plugins have been loaded

entity_created = <blinker.base.NamedSignal object at 0x7f028f88a8d0; 'entity:created'>

Currently not used and subject to change.

entity_deleted = <blinker.base.NamedSignal object at 0x7f028f88a950; 'entity:deleted'>

Currently not used and subject to change.

entity_updated = <blinker.base.NamedSignal object at 0x7f028f88a910; 'entity:updated'>

Currently not used and subject to change.

Module abilian.core.sqlalchemy

Module abilian.core.models

Module abilian.core.util

Package abilian.services

Module abilian.services.base

Module abilian.services.activity

Module abilian.services.audit

Module abilian.services.conversion

Module abilian.services.image

Module abilian.services.indexing

Module abilian.services.security

Package abilian.web

Module abilian.web.decorators

Module abilian.web.filters

Module abilian.web.action

Module abilian.web.nav

Module abilian.web.forms

Module abilian.web.views

Module abilian.web.frontend

Module abilian.web.util

Package abilian.testing